Out of more than 3,680 submissions from 60
countries, Metka Javh Hribar has won (XX of the Silver recognition in the 2 nd season of the 2019
MUSE Design Awards competition. The winning work was created by Metka Javh Hribar, udia for Bank
(Winner: Metka Javh Hribar, udia inserts Executive quote from your firm about the honor of winning a
MUSE Award.)
MUSE Design Awards are international competitions for creative and design professionals from all
disciplines, who help push the evolution of their industry in a positive direction. “As a creative
professional myself, it is empowering to watch the creative industry grow and progress so much since
the inaugural year of the MUSE awards,’” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of both competitions. “These
achievements are proof that there are many who continue to innovate and originate amazing ideas.”
Both the MUSE Creative and MUSE Design Awards are administered and judged by International
Awards Associates (IAA), and stellar panels of internationally-recognized professionals from both fields.
IAA oversees awards and recognition programs, assembles judging panels, and sets rigorous standards
for both competitions.